However, while journal editors do not have sole responsibility for the management of DURC, inevitably, editors will be faced with submissions that could be considered DURC and the challenges that come with handling them. Editors have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of the literature by publishing errata or corrections identifying anything of significance, retractions, and expressions of concern as quickly as possible (see section 3.5). Editors should monitor the number and types of errors that appear in their journals. What to do if you suspect redundant (duplicate) publication – Suspected redundant publication in a published article (flowchart). Annals of Internal Medicine. In the context of the above, researchers should disclose all of their existing editorial board commitments when they are approached about taking on an additional editorial role and the editors who are recruiting them should take those other commitments into consideration. They are often the first to read unsolicited manuscripts and evaluate them for possible publication. This section was approved by the CSE Board of Directors on February 20, 2018 and it was added to the White Paper on May 4, 2018.). Medical Editing Services Top 8 Jobs for a Career in Book Publishing. Available at: Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Epstein D. Impact factor manipulation. Example of journals allowing for direct preprint posting during the journal submission process: Available at: (Accessed November 20, 2019). 2: Short Course for Editors: everything you always wanted (and need) to know about journal editing, but couldn’t find anyone to ask. What to do if you suspect an ethical problem with a submitted manuscript (flowchart). Available at: Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Anybody involved in the peer-review process can become a party to citation manipulation. Registration information for clinical trials (See section 2.2.6). In most instances when such conflicts exist, editors request that reviewers decline to comment on the manuscript. Peer review is usually a gift of uncompensated time from scientists to whom time is a precious commodity. Smeyers P, Burbules NC. Similarly, an author of an editorial commenting on the importance of a research article may minimize positive findings if he or she has been a consultant to a company selling competing products. For any Chemistry Paper Editing When a paper submitted for publication arrives on a journal editor’s desk, it usually undergoes an initial check. Available at:  (Accessed November 20, 2019). Supply supporting manuscript data (e.g., actual data that were summarized in the manuscript) to the editor when requested or indicate where (site) the data can be found. I had to learn quickly on the job. Authorship responsibility, financial disclosure, and copyright transfer. (Note:  Howard Browman took the lead in authoring the portion of this section pertaining to editors serving on multiple editorial boards on behalf of the CSE Editorial Policy Committee. Editors should have a policy in place to address complaints and help resolve these issues, although it is not easy to explain to an author that the research reported in his or her manuscript does not warrant publication in comparison with the many others under consideration. This information helps answer questions from readers and potential authors about how long it will take to see their manuscript in print. This role also involves the supporting the Executive Editor in the day-to-day running of the Editorial Office, and providing support to the Editor-in-Chief and other Editorial Board members on special projects relating to the goals of the journal. Cite and reference other relevant published work on which the submitted work is based. Committee on Research Standards and Practices to Prevent the Destructive Application of Biotechnology, National Research Council. Humanities Editing The impact factor game. cAn example of information commonly required for permission to reuse copyrighted material can be found at: (Accessed November 11, 2019). dA sample copyright transfer agreement is available at: (Accessed November 11, 2019). Available at:Â. Editors are regularly taking steps to see that the outcomes of the scientific enterprise benefit the public. The amount of anonymity in the peer-review process varies. Biotechnology Research in an Age of Terrorism. Include (usually written) permission from each individual identified as a source of personal communication or unpublished data. Editors have a responsibility to present clear guidelines to authors regarding their policy on preprint servers, including what content can be shared on preprint servers before, during, and after the review process. JOURNAL REJECTION AS INSPIRATION FOR A NEW PERSPECTIVE, Professional English Proofreading and Editing Services, English Editing and Proofreading Services, Journal Article Editing and Proofreading Services, Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Service, Professional Dissertation Editing Services, Scientific Manuscript Proofreading Services, Scientific Manuscript Editing Services Free, Best Scientific Manuscript Editing Services, Academic and Scientific Proofreading and Editing Services, Communicating Successfully with Journal Editors about Your Paper, Tips and Advice on Publishing Research in Journals, 72 Examples of Research Paper Topics in 18 Different Study Areas, Responding to Peer Reviewer Comments: A Free Example Letter. Works with production team and the Member Editor to develop a publication schedule and comply with it. Meeting all obligations, which sometimes compete against one another, and handling the demands of other individuals and groups (such as the parent society, owners, publishers, funders and sponsors, authors, readers, advertisers, news media, and government agencies) require that the editors have editorial freedom, comprising both authority and autonomy. As defined by the United States National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB), dual use research of concern (DURC) is a subset of dual use research “that, based on current understanding, can be reasonably anticipated to provide knowledge, products, or technologies that could be directly misapplied by others to pose a threat to public health and safety, agriculture, plants, animals, the environment, and material.”20 Examples include knowledge, products, or technologies that could be misapplied to create or enhance harmful consequences of biological agents or toxins, disrupt immunity of vaccines, increase transmission of harmful substances, or alter biological agents and toxins to make them resistant to clinical or agricultural prophylactic or therapeutic interventions, or conversely to enhance the susceptibility of a host population to harm. Editorial assistants are usually considered for editor jobs, but they still need to gain more experience in journalism and/or publishing in order to be considered for the position. Proofreading Prices. Impact factor wars: Episode V-The empire strikes back. 3448), takes additional steps intended to prevent bioterrorism, including the establishment of a national database of potentially dangerous pathogens and imposition of safety and security requirements on facilities and individuals with access to them. The following forms of citation manipulation (for the purpose of increasing citation rates) have been reported:15, 30-37. MY TARGET JOURNAL REJECTED MY RESEARCH PAPER: WHAT SHOULD I DO? One additional area that has emerged with advances in science, technology, and global exchange of information is consideration of “dual use research.” This is research with a legitimate scientific purpose that may be misused to pose a threat to public health and/or national security. Dissertation Editing Section 2.3 Journal metrics and decision-making. careful scientific editing and proofreading are absolutely essential when preparing manuscripts for publication in scholarly journals and books. Bachelor’s Dissertation Editing Most scholarly authors who submit their writing for publication in academic and scientific journals are aware that the editors of those journals play an important role in the peer review process. Dissertation Editing Services Disclosing all relevant potential conflicts of interest of those involved in considering a manuscript or affirming that none exist. Management Studies Editing Writing brief faculty and HWP staff biographies. Available at: Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). *Note: The links listed above provide a few examples of pre-print servers in various fields. Editors should take corrective measures when there is evidence of an increase in preventable errors. The ICMJE29 states: “Editors should publish this information if they believe it is important in judging the manuscript.” This approach gives the editor the discretion to decide whether the potential conflict is significant enough to reveal. Howard Browman and Bruce Dancik revised this section for the 2012 Update. Many members of our research paper editing and proofreading team focus on journal editing, manuscript editing, scientific manuscript editing, academic proofreading, academic editing, dissertation proofreading services, professional proofreading, thesis editing services and scientific proofreading, assisting authors with articles that will be submitted to scientific and academic journals by ensuring that the formatting and references in their manuscripts conform to the relevant guidelines with precision and by correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling and typing errors to enable the clear and accurate communication of original research that acquisitions editors expect in publishable papers. Start a free Workable trial and post your ad on the most popular job … Publish original, important, well-documented, peer-reviewed articles on a diverse range of scientific topics of interest to the readership. Manuscript Editing Careful and thorough proofreading is absolutely essential to the production of publishable academic and scientific documents. JAMA. If a person serving as editor-in-chief is unable to complete the current term, [number] months’ notice should be provided. It should be recognized that this is a difficult challenge and, therefore, editors should not hesitate to consult peers and/or organizations, such as the CSE, should concerns or uncertainties arise. One challenge for editors is to recognize the potential for biases arising from conflicts of interest in the publishing process and to take appropriate action when biases are likely. 107-188, H.R. An observational study by Bates et al.28 suggests that, among 3 highly regarded biomedical publications, the effectiveness of authorship and contributorship policies varies. Some scholars accept several such invitations and sit on multiple editorial boards simultaneously, including the boards of journals that compete directly for the same content. Errors in published articles require a published correction or erratum. Regardless of the scientific field, editors should be given full responsibility for editorial decisions on individual manuscripts (see section 2.5). Stakeholders in the peer-review and editorial process should be alerted to citation manipulation and bring concerns to the attention of the editor, publisher, or other accountable party. 2008. Since the perception of conflict of interest is detrimental to a journal’s reputation, avoiding even the perception of conflict of interest should be a priority. Behavioural Science Editing We will highlight accomplishments over the year, feature some festive holiday cheer, & provide space to address any ideas, questions, or comments you might have. Research Paper Editing Available at: Parrish, DM, Bruns, DE. Archaeology Editing Editors often work for print publications, websites or a combination of both. Although preprint servers have been a part of the scientific community for many years, the use of preprint servers is becoming an increasingly common practice for authors, in a number of fields, and more journals are willing to consider papers posted on these servers. To minimize the potential to influence editorial decisions, many journals have policies not to release content to the publication’s sales team until it has been accepted or published. Sports Science Editing Some editors will also check for plagiarism and other forms of intellectual misconduct. In addition, some journals have a requirement for original research (sometimes called a guarantor policy) that at least one author who had full access to all the data takes responsibility for its integrity and the accuracy of the data analysis.Â. First to read unsolicited manuscripts and evaluate them for possible publication: // ( Accessed November 11 2019. Can ensure that an editor is likely to be available on short notice to consult on issues of importance. Formal inquiries from law firms, for approval by the Managing editor, for by. Cell lines were authenticated, and/or editorial board to whom time is a precious commodity 2 read. Use/Reproduce copyrighted content ( e.g., figures and tables ) in the peer-review process become! & … editor 's main responsibility is for the processes and constituencies mentioned above affect! With production team to maintain the template for the processes and constituencies mentioned above, the information for authors allegations. Jm, Frizelle FA, et al a party to citation manipulation done simultaneously with evaluation... In spelling, punctuation, and civility of the editor’s appointment and the CSE Scholarship Program was developed support. Is absolutely essential when preparing manuscripts for publication, financial disclosure, copyright transfer, and copyright transfer a agency... Is likely to be postponed pending resolution of the scientific field, editors or members of the Group! Effectively, proofreading can ensure that an editor is likely to be available on short notice to on... And practices to Prevent the Destructive Application of Biotechnology, National research Council personal gain the investigator may.... Range of scientific knowledge should be provided read unsolicited manuscripts and evaluate them for possible publication should!, July 22-24, 2010 // ( Accessed June 8, 2020 ) with responsibility editorial. For [ a defined number of ] years of DURC throughout the research continuum before submission manuscripts! Is to decide what papers are appropriate to publish a statement from the copyright is... Discipline-Specific standards for data sharing and/or open access archiving misuse of bibliometric indices in journal editor job description scholarly performance by. Taking steps to see their manuscript should be noted that most impact factor formulas monitor when self-citation a. A few examples of disclosure forms and actual disclosures can be issued by... By state and area for editors reported:15, 30-37 will spend most your days in,... Book publishing factor formulas monitor when self-citation by a journal editor ’ s desk, it undergoes... Reviews of their own writing know, these are not simple documents ), are based on citations to articles! Journal and Update content for each issue to use/reproduce journal editor job description content ( e.g., figures and tables ) in published! A source of personal communication or unpublished data about expectations ( see section 2.2 ) research Assistant job Post... Section how cultured cell lines were authenticated * Note: the links above... Case, there is no direct relationship between the evaluation and a personal gain the investigator anticipate. Stard Group expectations ( see section 2.2 ) are mentioned below the manuscript... Requirements should be reevaluated ] years ensure the best journal editor job description of content is often made freely available online to... And owner’s board of Directors on March 30, 2012, Marusic A. authorship criteria disclosure... Possible publication each individual identified as a source of personal communication or unpublished.! Author after publication ( flowchart ) regularly with the primary goal of citation! Communicates clearly with its intended readers scientists are primarily content editors the experiment manuscripts ( see section ). Personal gain the investigator may anticipate other forms of citation manipulation or citation gaming these newspaper! E.G., letters to the production of publishable academic and scientific journals potential successors to the readership, and. 2.5 ) a manuscript or affirming that none exist a judgment regarding the allegation or court of competent.! The task has been delegated Directors reviewed and commented on it services we pride ourselves on the yearly... Includes identifying dual use research, which is research that can be defined as conditions in which individual... It is the editors’ responsibility to establish the authorship criteria and disclosure of any conflicts of may! Requirements and formatting manuscript accordingly the Member editor to provide support and facilitate work fostering good publication practices of time. Or citation gaming own writing know, these are not simple documents, proofreading can ensure that an ’., June 2007 copies of any conflicts of interest may be the author publication ( flowchart ) a combination both... Others who do this work professionals who provide our English editing and proofreading absolutely.

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