A long day for us all. The day started out with thunder and lots of cloud. The book says that Mt Macdonald which we crossed yesterday is the last mountain without trees on top. Forecast looks ok all the way to next Tue when we finish. For mature and senior travelers considering joining a small group package tours into the outback to see, learn and explore about this unique place, not only the landscape but the Aboriginal approach to living. The book I ordered before I left about hiking the Te-Araroa trail in NZ (3000km) has arrived, looks like a great trip, maybe at the end of 2017 after Pauline finishes her contract??? Camped at O’Keefe’s hut for the night, just below Mt Jagungal. We met Susie’s parents along the way. Quite beautiful (and poisonous). Day 6 17km all up for the day. The second at Blue Waterholes which is a couple of days walk south of Canberra. We left the comfort of Hotham with mixed feelings. We are heading to the source of the Murray river and the start of the Black- Allan line. This was the most dangerous part of the entire trip. Looking forward to raiding Ian’s food drop in a couple of days Thanks Ian, we will reimburse you for the goodies Then a 500m climb to Murray Gap. Another fine day. Started the day with a ford of the Thomson river. Tonight we are camped at Muller Pass just below Kosciusko ready for the assault on the summit tomorrow. Did a bit of a road bash till we got to the Thompson dam catchment. More good weather for the day. Trials of Miles – Running 650+km of the Australian Alps. We managed to pack up before the rain started. The incredible, inspiring story of a solo journey through Australia's toughest and most beautiful hiking trail - the Australian Alps Walking Track - for fans of INTO THE WILD by Jon Krakauer or Cheryl Strayed's WILD and anyone who dreams of iconic wilderness walks. These are all joined by high passes. Lots of climbs, about 1000m all up and 19.5km for the day. "The Australian Alps Walking Track is a long distance walking trail through the alpine areas of Victoria, New South Wales and ACT. Not much water at Viking Saddle. We camped tonight at our first food drop Blue Water holes. Then 15 km stroll to Greymare hut for the night. An essential companion for anyone intending to walk the track. After we loaded up with 8 days food we headed up a big climb to Four Mile hut where we spent the night. in honour of the Polish democrat and nationalist, Travellers with an interest in long distance hiking may be interested in our, Uncovering the Ancient History of Aboriginal, Mallee and Mulga: Two Iconic and Typically Inland Australian Plant Communities, The Australian Outback: A Definitive Guide, External articles to assist you on your visit to, Discover the World Heritage Sites of the southern states of Australia travelling in a, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the southern states of, We Are Explorers: Australian Alps Walking Track, Majestic Icon or Invasive Pest? Total climb – 29,580m ( that’s 3.5 times from the ocean to the top of Mt Everest) Trails. Guess it’s because it’s the weekend. Explore learn and consider what is the outback in this article. Still has all the old magazines stuck to the wall as wallpaper. He and his wife are doing the 7 peaks bike challenge. 22km all up for the day. The Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) goes from Canberra in the ACT to Walhalla in Victoria. We convinced one of them to drive us to Dead Horse Gap and back to pick up our food drop. All a stroke of luck for us as we got a lift down to The General, the pub at Hotham where our food drop was. The crew had bought in lots of yummy food which was appreciated by us all. Passed the 150km mark today . Then descended to camp at Black River. It was mid twenties with a bit of a breeze. Day 22 The program examines the history of the gold rush and the wealth created that enabled the grand houses to her built that we visit. During winter and spring, snow can cover long sections of the track. So lots of goodies for dinner. Went as far as we could before the big climb tomorrow over Johhnys Top 800m climb, 900m descent. As you walk ... My mum, sister and I did the self guided Great Alpine Walk just before Easter. And finally, our outback tour, Broken Hill and ‘Back, passes through some of the most remote areas of New South Wales. Lots of photos at the finish. The weather was predicted to rain later in the day so we were off to our usual 7.00am start. They were taking 8 days to do what we had done in 4. The Australian Alps has hundreds of fantastic trails. We are averaging over 20km per day. I was 6 days into my 74 day solo trip across the Australian Alps and was traversing the catchment area of the Thompson River in the Victorian Alps. In total, the track takes around eight weeks, but many walkers choose to take on smaller parts in the Baw Baw, Alpine, Kosciuszko and Namadgi national parks. Tonight we camped at Cascade hut. Join our newsletter mailing list to gain exclusive access to special offers and promotions. For many years bushwalking enthusiasts from the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs and various government agencies promoted the concept of a long distance walking track from Walhalla to Canberra. We watched a solo rider attempt to round up some Brumbies. In the hut, he was heading north so he had to endure all our stories for the afternoon, Day 24 The first drop was at Dead Horse Gap (near Threadbo). It’s water is not reliable so we carried water over Mt Clear and Square Top. They ate all the charcoal out of the fire pit! It was delicious. Great campsite at Lime stone creek. Foremost is the walk from Mt Howitt to the Viking (four days), revealing some of the most rugged and spectacular areas in the High Country. Off to the usual 7.00am start. I think it was 19km and about 600m climb for the day. Followed by a big descent to the Thompson River. Photos are Darryl preparing dinner (yes we are food obsessed now) and looking towards the Razor and Viking from about half way across the Crosscut Saw. Woke up to light snow and sunshine. Small group tours for mature and senior travellers in the Australian outback to learn and appreciate land management techniques for couples and solo travellers reflecting Aboriginal culture in Kakadu, Tasmania, Arnhem land and the Kimberley. Jackie and Huw are sleeping in the hut. Travellers with an interest in long distance hiking may be interested in our walking tours, including our Walking Tour of New Zealand and our Wainwright Walking Trail. Escorted small group tours for mature and senior travellers that promote aboriginal and colonial history discussion on tour. Arrived before lunch. Camped near the new Barry Saddle water tank. Three of us did the 5 km 500m climb side trip to Mt Bimberi. Some stats: It is 655km long, starting at Walhalla, Victoria and running through to Tharwa, ACT near Canberra. I took photos of the three remaining headstones for Lee. Pig out again! 800m climb, 490 descent including 5 km off track across The Rolling Plains. Day 34 Gone soft on us . Built far away from any hardware stores, hut architecture is a masterwork in ‘getting by’, with structures built out of corrugated iron, bark and shingles, using fencing wire in place of nails. We had a late start at 8.00 this morning. It includes full track notes to the 660km route. The longest we have been apart. Mt Bogong, the highest peak in Victoria. Spectacular views all the way along here. Tomorrow we climb the Viking then the Razor which we have had glimpses of for the past two days. It takes 50-60 days to complete. Glad to see Pauline again after 27 days. Long gradual descent down Mt Erica to the campsite at the Tyres River. I think there was about 20 of them in camp. We are getting better at the climbing. Great 360 deg views. Don’t think she got much sleep. Expected Walking Pace. Quite a bit of snow still around,  much slower to traverse as you have to kick in steps all the time. Several archaeological sites speak to the ancient occupation of the area, including Cloggs Cave, Victoria, where 8500-year-old stone tools have been found, and Birrigai, near Namadgi National Park, where archaeologists have found a rock shelter used by Aboriginal people 21 000 years ago. From Mt McDonald, walk across the ridge to the Crosscut Saw, Razor, and Viking peaks, passing twisted snow gums. A steady climb in the morning got us to Mt Wills and the hut at the top by lunch time. Didn’t see any horses, and only one pile of phoo. Another big climb over Mt Sunday, Mt Mckintey and on to the camp at Rumpf saddle which is just below Mt Skene. Happily it cleared by about 7.30am to a mostly sunny day. Day 26 She must have spent hours getting it all. Right now I’m camped in an air BNB in Canberra waiting for the rest of the crew to fly in. All up 19 km for the day. Stopped at Mackie’s hut for lunch, fully furnished great hut. And just as Susie ordered, the rain cleared at 7.00am. Before them, the area was inhabited by a number of Aboriginal language groups, the Kurnai/Gunai people in the southern Victorian Alps, the Walgal people in what is know Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, and the Ngarigo people in the highlands.