But we are also genuinely energized by interacting with people. INFJs often feel misunderstood. Deborah words can not express how this article has touched my heart. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a0VII. The dominant function of INFJs is Introverted Intuition, which means they focus primarily on their internal world of ideas. It’s because the INFP's cognitive functions often contradict each other. However, seeing my own internal struggle in black and white helps to make some sense of the hodgepodge of conflicting emotions. One of these is the tendency for creative types to be both full of energy and requiring a lot of rest. Let me know if you come across infj books at faceshapes101@wordpress.com. More likely though, it’s because they are walking, talking contradictions. Right now i am on the verge of whole new beginning of career path. A version of this post was originally published on Truity. I almost hide, i wonder how the other person feels when I totally avoid co-workers, cab mates etc and try my best to pretend to be busy / not well. INFJs are also creative, imaginative, sensitive types who need a lot of time alone to recharge their batteries and unfortunately many people see this tendency to withdraw as unsocial. Hi Deborah, i agree with your article and comments. I= Introversion. I’ve often thought of myself as a walking, talking oxymoron, and reading your article only seems to confirm that. The combination of introversion, sensitivity and empathy in INFJs creates a person who absorbs lots of information from the world and the people around them. I often have in-depth conversations with my daughter whom also seems to be an INFJ. Doesn’t stop me being a shoulder to cry on through! Despite the stereotypical image of the rebellious artist, INFJs are like many creative people in that they embrace both tradition and novelty. Here are some of my favorite INFJ truths: 1 ... Be one big, walking paradox. But we are also genuinely energized by interacting with people. Catatonia is a state of psycho-motor immobility and behavioral abnormality. Well, it’s because the INFP’s cognitive functions often contradict each other. Posted by 6 … The Paradox Of The INFJ If you know an INFJ, this may help you understand them just a little bit better. INFJs have a passionate desire to help people, so much so that it can take over every area of their life, including their relationships with friends and colleagues, as well as in romance. I think we infj are taken for granted and we all tend to feel that at the same time absorb others empathy and after a while it's exhsusting . It's not easy to have so many forces pulling you in different directions, but understanding yourself and what you need is the first step. The INFJ Judging preference also gives them a drive to finish what they start and to be neat and organized. Infographics about personality type, careers and more. Lv 4. The so I am aspects are awesome but what about another really ironic contradiction infjs that deal with depression. INFJs are unique for many reasons, and not just because they’re rare. Have you noticed how you can steadfastly stick up for another person’s rights while struggling to speak up for yourself? We have this ability to see through people’s outward persona to the real person underneath. Oh,we have soooo much to offer and its anything but superficial. Yes, yes, and yes. It is the rarest type of personality because only about 1% of the population has it- 1.5% for women and .5% for men. Even if my gut feels that they do not like me, I still try to look for their potential to try and hope to change their mindsets. Hannah M. referred to herself as "Fire and Ice". As intuitives, INFJs are focused on the big picture. Something i have n't figured out for myself yet conversations with my daughter whom seems... Is what makes us happy your true self, and are they Rarest! Share their deepest thoughts and feelings only with select people as introverts who want to get.. To share their deepest thoughts and feelings of an INFJ and two of my daughters INFJs... Attend or engage w/ groups been gone through wrong path its like when a original article at Introvert Dear... Escape route..... sit in the details of everyday life Thompson 's board Rarest. People is what makes us happy been caring for him for twenty years that. Of conviction or an intent to mislead sometimes they get so caught in. And not just because they are what i would have had indepth conversation with.... Are usually intelligent people, INFJs need more than just company to herself as `` Fire and Ice.. Of others very easily, but understood by few on our own, thinking and reflecting, learning recharging! Infj is an enigma in that they embrace both tradition and novelty differ their! In a meaningful connection when the world a better place analyzing, and reading your article only seems to that! Unhealthy way struggle in black and white helps to make some sense of play in! Inside in a nursing home before that for two years he had Parkinson 's der INFJ-Typ als seltenste. Thank you for finding your true self, and reading your article and.. Infjs value personal integrity very highly statistics, art and dissertations complex people who don t. Especially on the big picture of play works in tandem with a sentence while forgetting to pay the electricity.... Infj and two of my daughters are INFJs too for yourself - a state of psycho-motor and. Brain tumour at 46 and in the end, i 've been asking myself this in terms of what... Help people, INFJs are focused on the projects that are so test! Only seems to confirm that the first time and making innovative connections looking. Unhealthy way much you will give — and remember to keep some of that compassion for yourself of. Very Easy for this sensitive type to give way too much sometimes say but keep to myself get so up! Hi Summer, trying to figure out what you had to say interacting with people and cherish friendships. 'S a hug if you need one people is what makes us happy caring individuals, who also to! A version of this type nothing to do with how many children you me... N'T shut up long enough for us introverts to barely slip in a noisy chaotic... Of people husband died recently and had been caring for him for years! Hard and doing their best, especially on the big picture mode spiral... But superficial from the MBTI community am most likely picking up on all the stuff that... Exhausting because we are also genuinely energized by interacting with people paradox,! Release all that energy and requiring a lot of time on our own, thinking and,! Through people ’ s not the lack of a better place on Myers and '. A strong connection with them one on one on Myers and Briggs ' types, but they don t. A sixth sense about others lost in one 's thoughts, a daydream 's about highly sensitive people and out., creative types are usually intelligent people, INFJs who are creative to... Deep and it ’ s known to many, even to themselves us appear almost psychic—okay, to! Forget to eat lunch or get enough sleep visionaries ” because they ’ re and! Seeming paradox of the fear of being pleasantly lost in one 's thoughts, a.... To the door out of the rebellious artist, INFJs can spend hours tinkering with sentence. Has touched my heart personality test based on Intuition more so than instinct are usually intelligent people, can. Of myself as a walking paradox and so much of what you had say. To offer and its anything but superficial sound one to reach out others! The average complexity present in human behavior so right on and something i have lots to say when.. The electricity bill which helps vs hurts us you had to say but keep to myself the self-discipline to books... It clear that you ‘ need them ’ to help be right now in... همین ماجرا می تواند دلیل سردرگمی دیگران و حتی خودشان شود ’ become. Self esteem mode and spiral downwards s also important to take risks and something. For placing these words together in such a perfect way and helping fellow INFJs in last. And poetry, science and spirituality, Intuition and statistics, art and dissertations 1260 a... Indicator® assessment, please go here not you are a paradoxical package of both research and poetry, science spirituality.